bath and nails trimmed- $10- $20 (brush out is additional)

full groom- $20 and up  (includes full body cut, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, bath and blow dry)

*depends on the size and disposition of the dog



small to medium cage- $10/dog

large to extra large cage- $12/dog

Each dog is in their own cage and let out into outside runs at least 4 times a day. No dog is left outside during the night time hours. You will need to provide your own food. Bowls and blankets are provided.

*all food must be in a sealed container

For grooming and boarding the owner must show proof of vaccinations for rabies and distemper. Both of these need to be up to date. This is a state law.

Shop hours are by appointment only. Dogs can be dropped off as early as 8AM and picked-up as late as 8PM - 7 days a week. Prior arrangements need to made if these times don't fit your schedule.